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Before I even begin this review, I will be more than happy to provide bank statement transactions and my payment booklet to prove I was not only on-time with all of my payments, but I paid them EARLY every 2 weeks.

I made a payment this past Wednesday (12/31/2014) in my regular amount of $220.00. 01/09/2015 I went out to my car after work only to discover that they had DISABLED the ignition on my car via GPS! I tried calling MidAtlantic for 45 minutes but I would get stuck in an automated phone system look after waiting on hold because no one would answer the phone. I tried calling several times with no luck.

I ended up having to take a TAXI home from work. After I got home I emailed MidAtlantic about the situation. This was their reply to me:

Danielle Wilkinson [daniellew@midfinance.com]

Saturday, January 10, 2015 9:07 AM

I contacted Passtime and they do not have anyone in the office today to

assist me with getting you a signal, they should have this resolved on

Monday for you. The device was not renewed by the dealership prior to

selling to us, on Monday we will contact pastime and work to get that

renewed. I will contact you as soon as I have a signal avail to enable your

device, and again I apologize for the inconvenience.

So in other words, I will be without a car this weekend and I will have to take a taxi to run errands and go to my appointments. Not only to I pay approximately $15 a day to use this car, but now I will have to pay for cab fare on top of it. I was EARLY (not late) on my payment and there is absolutely no justification for disabling my vehicle.

Not only did I ever agree to allow my account to be transferred to this finance company, they wont let me make my payments by debit card unless I was to pay a $12.00 fee through MoneyGram. I never agreed to the new finance terms with this company.

I feel I was taken advantage of and used. I've been an excellent customer for well over a year, and in the end what I get is a device on my car to track my every move, and a car that won't work now because they never updated the GPS device. Shameful.

My plan is to drive this vehicle through the front doors and into the showroom where I originally financed the car. Then I'm going to go to a reputable dealership and get a new car... and if they mention "Mid Atlantic"--- ANYTHING I'm walking out the door.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mid Atlantic Finance Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $220.

Preferred solution: Take the GPS out of my car!! You have ALL of my information! The only thing you dont know about me is my blood type! Take this GPS out of my vehicle..

I didn't like: Loan being sold to them, Cant pay w credit debit card, Gps tracking device, Wont answer phones, Stopped responding to my email, Wont call me back.

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I hate mid Atlantic before they took over my loan I was never late on none of my payments they won't take my payment directly from my account because it's a debit card but since I got this car my payments have been coming out of my account with no problems they want me to use moneygram that charges 12.99 to send the money I don't think this is right at all


Sounds like an issue that was out of their control. Mid-Atlantic was very good to me with my first car loan.

My first credit of any kind. If your vehicle had a subscription based GPS/anti-theft enabled, it would have been your responsibility to make sure that was taken care of. It is not something that is generally paid for with your loan. It was not Mid-Atlantic's fault that no one was available at the 3rd party company that had controlled the GPS either.

Sounds like the customer service rep did all they could to try and help, even though there was nothing to be done over the weekend. Sucks, but all those features come at a price sometimes.

to Anonymous Maricopa, Arizona, United States #1176220

You're an *** trying to say it was the customers responsibility to make sure the GPS was taken care of. They put those GPS devices in the car strictly to disable the vehicle in the event you don't make a payment so they can come repo the car.

It wasn't an anti theft device. It was a device installed by the finance company to ensure the customer makes their payments on time.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1220595

You obviously work for his company or own it. There has been nothing good reported about this business.

You go about marketing small auto used car dealers and offer them incentives to pay a certain amount in return for taking over customer loans. I am so shocked this company has not been invesiated and shut down. My friend who is a dealer used to deal with the crroks but not anymore. All he has had is frustrated customers come back with complains , with him losing their business and referrals.

SHAME on you for posting this lies.

May The Law catch up with you soon. MID ATLANTIC FINANCE is a SCAM, RIP OFF

Dallas, Texas, United States #949343

Go ahead and Drive your vehicle through the window.Let me know how much money you spend on getting the window repaired and The cost of your Bond because you will go to Jail for that move.WTF.

to Linda Prescott, Arizona, United States #950193

I think he was being sarcastic you ***.


Please let me know when and where you are doing that, I want to watch. At least have someone video it and post it.

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